What I’ve Learned From 4 Months of Being “Veganish”

What I’ve Learned From 4 Months of Being “Veganish”

Yup, still using that “ish” behind vegan because I just can’t cross the bridge yet. It’s not that I can’t, it’s that it is a difficult time to change right now. My dad would be carnivorous if I let him! When he cooks dinner, there is always a staple meat. Trying not to be rude and start a family feud, I take a small portion and pair it with a much larger portion of veggies/starch. But not being fully vegan isn’t the point of this post. I have been eating clean and only having a small amount of meat 2 times a week for about 4 months now, and I feel amazing. I have cut out all dairy and processed foods. The point of this post is to share what I’ve learned, and the habits I now have that have come so naturally. It’s a slow journey (seriously) but I feel my body changing and turning into something great, it’s a feeling I have never felt before.

I’m not one of those vegan freaks that is all natural and blah blah, the kind of label people put on most vegans. The tree huggers. Yes, being veganish has made me mindful of the environment and the foods we put in our bodies, but I’m not crazy about being 100% organic or anything. I try and live a simple life and do what I want. That’s probably what this whole journey has taught me, I can do whatever the hell I want when I’m vegan. Everything is raw and pure. You start looking at the quality of food rather than the quantity. At first, I tried counting calories, and that quickly went out the window. My mind went straight to looking at food as just a number, and that’s not a good mindset. This might just be me, but I’ve learned that when I don’t count calories, I end up eating LESS then if I had counted. I can’t really explain the feeling, but there is nothing like waking up and spending 15 minutes putting together fruits and natural foods and then sitting down and enjoying it care-free. Most people hear the word “vegan” and think of people who don’t shave their arm pits and go to extreme levels when it comes to not eating meat. At least this is what I thought when I was younger 🙂 but I couldn’t be more wrong.

What most people don’t understand is that everyday is an indulgence when you’re vegan. I never crave cookies or processed sweets anymore. It’s not even that I forced myself to cut them out to begin with, everything just naturally went out of my eating routine. Fruit is so sweet and refreshing and I don’t see how any packaged cookie with fake sugars can be better. I even noticed the other day that I haven’t had bread in like 3 months. BREAD, something that isn’t even that bad yet I just naturally don’t feel like eating it anymore. That is what people don’t get, we are not trying to restrict ourselves! Once you take out all the packaged things and animal products, you’re body rejects it the next time you try and at it. I tried a Complete Cookie the other day because I was #hangry and needed a quick fix. They are vegan, and have 16g of protein. After about 3 bites I couldn’t eat anymore of it though. It was so sugary and I could tell my stomach was already upset with it. So, I threw it out. Even though vegan, it was still processed and had added sugars. People tell me ALL the time “fruits have so much sugar”. Yeah, they have a crap ton but that doesn’t mean I’m going to eat a slice of cake instead just because it had less grams of sugar! Quality, my friends, not quantity.

These feelings and opinions I’ve built can really only be fully understood if you’re actually vegan. Like I said, the feeling’s hard to explain. You just become so in tune with your body. I’m sure you’ve heard of vegan people always saying “listen to your body”. I used to read this and be like uhhh I have no idea what my body is telling me. I thought it was stupid. Now, ,4 months later, I totally understand what all those crazy vegans were talking about! Like the Complete Cookie, my body didn’t like it, so I listened, and removed it. You start learning what foods work well with your body and what foods make you bloated and upset. Overall, I love being vegan(ish). And hopefully one day I can get rid of that ish. But for now, I’m taking it day by day, enjoying raw foods and loving every minute of it! That’s all for my rant 🙂 See ya next time.

~ Emma