Plant Based vs Vegan

Plant Based vs Vegan

IMG_5998Hello friends! Recently I’ve been searching around, finding new people on Instagram and new blogs, etc. And I’ve started to see the term “plant based” come up more than “vegan”. I started to ponder this observation and started to compare the two terms. First off, they are not the same thing. This is a mistake I always made when I say the two phrases. When you’re vegan, you are plant based, right? Right, but you’re only half true. “Vegan” is a life style, “plant based” is a diet.

Being a vegan doesn’t just mean you eat vegan, you ARE vegan. That means you buy vegan clothes and other products throughout your daily life. Once I learned this, I started to take a step back from the whole “Vegan” vibe. I may eat vegan, but I am certainly not a VEGAN. So, I am not plant based, or on a vegan diet. While I respect vegans and understand animal cruelty, I also don’t own vegan mattresses and walk around wearing vegan t-shirts.

Honestly, taking away the whole vegan term out just lifts this weight off my shoulders. When I would tell people I was trying to be vegan, they would judge me whenever I had animal products. “I thought you were vegan?!” By saying I’m plant based, I feel more free. Yes, I eat everything vegans eat but I have a little more freedom when it comes to cravings and binging:) My foundation diet consists of fruits and vegetables but occasionally having some meats. This post is short but it is really just to share the difference between the two terms. The fact that being vegan was a lifestyle went completely over my head, it is not just a diet. Educate yourself and make educated decisions!

– Emma



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