My Philosophy 

My Philosophy 

Hello the very few people that read this! This post is kind of for me to clarify things but also to share my thoughts about living a clean lifestyle. If I said I’ve eaten healthy for the majority of my life, I would be completely lying. As humans, we have a tendency to believe we are doing something good but in reality, we just do it in small portions and we really aren’t doing anything at all. I thought I was a healthy person, I ate in moderation and occasionally binged. I worked out regularly, taking off and having no motivation for weeks at a time. This was my definition of “healthy”. This is good right? Ha, no. Over my sophomore year in high school, I started to gain weight like I never had before. Granted, I started taking birth control and also started dating my boyfriend who eats like a maniac so when he ate, I ate. Even though those factors obviously contributed, I was still running and trying to eat “healthy”. I became very upset with myself and just kind of accepted that I was supposed to gain weight.

I now look back on those years (it was only 2 years ago!) and think how much of an idiot I was. I was so concentrated on getting to my dream body that I didn’t pay attention to the crucial, long steps it takes to get there. I was the girl who googled “flat tummy in a week” or “how to get a thigh gap”. Who knew 2 years later I would almost have those things without ever going on some crazy diet or trying some new weight loss trick. I stayed constant, I pushed myself in moderation. I know how it feels, you start something, you’re so excited about it and try it out, then 3 weeks later you see no results so you move onto the next possible solution. You could try ANY diet/workout plan and none will give you results in 3 weeks. The upside of that is ALL of those plans will give you results if you stick to them!

Trust the process. This is a phrase I tell myself a lot. Yes it’s kind of cliche but I’m telling you, trust the process. 2 years ago I would look at these fitness girls saying that phrase and I’d be like easy for you to say, I’ve tried to trust it and I still don’t see results. Well, now that I am starting to see results and feel them, I totally get that they mean! It is easy to trust the process! Do NOT give up! Your body is a precious thing, it takes time to change. When you workout and think to yourself, ok, this is literally doing nothing for me. Trust me, it is! In a month you will be thanking yourself for not giving up. The thing I find people doing nowadays is wanting a quick solution, an easy fix. The truth is, that is totally impossible. We have become impatient to “trusting the process” and letting our body naturally and gradually change. Those quick fixes aren’t permanent, they are temporary because you don’t learn anything from them.

So, my philosophy, what I have learned and what I believe in. I want people to read this and learn. I want girls who are in the place I was in 2 years ago and believe that they are not in a definite hole. My first philosophy is about working out and how long you have to do it for. Now, I absolutely love working out and I HATED it when I started. Working out is a beautiful thing. You are moving your body in the fresh air, building muscle, losing fat, creating a happy heart. What’s not to love about that? Uhhh all the burpees and sprints I have to do!?!? Trust me I used to hate those too! Now I love burpees:) I push myself when working out, everybody should, but I don’t push myself so hard that I create false expectations. I push myself just enough so that my next workout I remember I pushed and remember I can get through my workout without giving up. It’s all about habits. I highly recommend reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Lastly, eating healthy. Get this out if your head: eating salads and small portions of in healthy foods and occasionally snacking and eating an entire pack of milanos but still think you’ve eaten healthy because it was just one time is NOT healthy. Again, it’s about habits. If you always grab a doughnut after seeing that Krispy Kreme box, or “just have one” cookie, you are creating bad habits. The simplest things can creat the biggest habits. The good thing about that is the simplest things can create good habits. Deciding not to grab that donut, or not to have that cookie, those choices creat habits too. That being said, I don’t force myself to eat healthy, I genuinely want to. This all come with time so stick to it and you will start to feel a difference!!

– Emma


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